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The Platform Receives $10K to Support Entrepreneurs

Bank executives present big check to The Platform

The Platform Receives $10K to Support Entrepreneurs

Kevin Duncan (L) and Jack Lucas (R) present Reno Deaton (center) a check for $10K

A generous donation from Countybank Foundation will help Greer Development Corporation and The Platform at Greer support entrepreneurs in the Upstate.

The Platform provides programs ranging from networking events to intensive boot camps that help entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. All of the programs pair experienced volunteers from The Platform’s corporate partners with entrepreneurs who need new tools to take their businesses to the next level. Building a culture of collaboration, support, and innovation is the ultimate goal. 

Countybank executives Kevin Duncan and Jack Lucas recently presented a $10,000 donation to Greer Development Corporation Executive Director, Reno Deaton.

“The Platform relies on community partners like Countybank and Greenwood Capital to help us grow both our programs and our collaborative culture,” Deaton said.

“We are grateful for their support.”

Bootcamp Cohort 7

“We are committed to serving our communities, putting people first, and financially supporting businesses across the Upstate,” said Kevin Duncan, Countybank Greer City Executive. “Countybank and Greenwood Capital are excited to partner with the Greer Development Corporation to support The Platform in developing local entrepreneurs.”

Watch the video above to learn more about the programs offered by The Platform at Greer.

In addition to Countybank and Greenwood Capital’s volunteer work, sponsorships, and donations, they provide funding to nonprofit and charitable organizations in their local communities through the Countybank Foundation, established in 1971.

“Small businesses and entrepreneurship serve as the backbone of any thriving community,” said Brian Disher, Private Client Advisor for Greenwood Capital. “Supporting entrepreneurs is beneficial to us all, and we are honored to be able to help fund an organization that develops these initiatives right here in the Upstate.”

“This donation lines up well with Countybank’s mission to serve its clients, communities, and associates,” said Jack Lucas, Senior Commercial Relationship Manager for Countybank. “The Platform at Greer continues to provide opportunities for small businesses in our community to thrive, and Countybank is proud to be a part of that process.”


The Platform at Greer is currently running a sponsorship drive. Businesses interested in supporting entrepreneurs in the Upstate have a wide range of donation options — ranging from $250 coffee sponsorship at IGNITE Greer to a $50,000 Platform title sponsorship.

Read more about sponsorship options below.

Businesses interested in Platform sponsorships should contact Reno Deaton at

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