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RENO DEATON, Executive Director GREER DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (GDC) Meet the man behind it all, Reno Deaton. In 2019, Reno and the GDC launched The Platform at Greer as a strategic initiative to further promote entrepreneurship in Greer, SC. Since then, the Platform team has continued to expand and grow, helping entrepreneurs launch, take root, and […]
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Check out the Platform At Greer Business Bootcamp at work Here is a peek inside our last event to get an even better idea of what you can expect! Watch as a few of our teams and coaches call customers, mature their business model, prepare for their pitch, and consult with experts in areas they […]
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What to Expect

                Previous Next The Platform at Greer 2-Day Business Bootcamp WHAT CAN I EXPECT? Our 2-day Business Bootcamp is lead by a team of incredible coaches who work with you to help your business take its next best step. This selective program is designed for committed business owners […]
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INDIVIDUALIZED COACHING ON TAILORED TOPICS FROM SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS… How it works… MENTORING COHORTS A group of entrepreneurs and small business owners will be matched with a mentor. The participants will receive personalized coaching over 4-6 weeks. WHAT TO EXPECT Mentors will share their advice on business challenges in an informal setting to provide a […]
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Take Your Business to the Next Level EXPERT COACHES using world class curriculum developed specifically for accelerating you! A FAST PACE and action oriented approach that ensures you gain absolute clarity on what you need to do next! MASSIVE INSIGHTS and tons of feedback all along the way to help you build more momentum right […]
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THROUGHOUT THE YEAR WE HOST EVENTS THAT HELP BRING THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY TOGETHER… Q4 Summit 2021 @ Trade Street At Platform Summits you can expect to find plenty of business insights, networking opportunities, and a mix of professionals from locally owned businesses to multinational corporations! In Q4, our featured speakers actually highlighted the efforts and […]
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WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT OUR FORMAT Each month we showcase 2 presentations (6-10 mins each) from a local entrepreneur or small business and focus on a challenge they face. With the rest of our time we field Q&A, offer feedback to help each other, and create space for you to network and build relationships. THE […]
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Apply Now Take your business to the next level Learn More What to Expect Learn about our 2-day business Bootcamp Learn More The Team Meet our coaches & subject matter experts Learn More FAQs Get a better idea of what you can expect! Learn More What are attendees saying about The Platform at Greer Bootcamp? […]
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Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or your small business has reached critical mass, The Platform provides you a community of collaborators and resources to start your journey or maximize the path to your final destination.

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